contribute to the development of open source software during one weekend

if you are a developer with JavaScript or Typescript knowledge, this is your jam!
February 4 & 5, 2023, pre-register open now
teralco group,
C. Severo Ochoa, 46, planta 2, 03203 Elche, Alicante
from 9am to 5pm with break times

•contribute to the JavaScript ecosystem

open source jam is a weekend-long event that aims to promote the culture of contributing to free and open source software, and build a community in Alicante and its surroundings. If you are a developer, participate! it doesn't matter if you have never made a contribution. Your mentors and team members will help you.if you are a developer, participate! it doesn't matter if you have never made a contribution. Your mentors and team members will help you.

you will work on preselected JavaScript projects. We will share a task list at the beginning of the event.

we will form teams of up to 3 people per project. This way, even if you have never made a contribution, you will not be left behind.

a jury will select and award the best contribution.

1200€ prize to the winning team

fill in the form, it is very important that you confirm your attendance by email


you will collaborate on both large and small projects. The former because we use their code on a daily basis and the latter because they have fewer contributors, and the impact can be greater.

have fun

it is not a competition, that is why we all work as a team. We seek to bring together people who love coding as much as we do, the goal is to get to know each other and enjoy doing what we love.

go to

library contributions are great for your portfolio, they will help you to promote yourself and knock on new doors. Do your homework with the quality it deserves and if it is your first time, you will surely want a second.

•relive the last edition

•what is valued in the contributions?

the ranking is based on the average of all criteria. However, once you have uploaded your contribution you can always continue to improve it.



the value of the contribution made


ingenuity in the way of solving


it is a very short a time to achieve the right quality, so get help from your team


your attitude towards others and lending a helping hand to other teams will earn you points

•frequently asked questions

what profile should you have?

developer with knowledge of JavaScript or TypeScript. No open source contributions are required

should i finish the contribution during the weekend?

We will propose tasks that you can finish in a weekend, after the Open Source Jam, you can always improve the contribution because it looks great in your portfolio

can i make more than one contribution?

do take into account the time you have

can i offer a contribution i have already made?

it is strongly requested to create new content for the event; sending old or already finished contributions does not make sense

can i make changes during the deliberation period?

if you can improve it, it will be accepted.

can we register as a group?

yes, although each member must register separately. Choose a name for your team and make sure each member adds it to the form to identify you.

who owns the contributions?

the software that is generated is free. The contribution will be in the name of the person who uploads it.

why will an award be given?

because most contributions to open source are unpaid and this is our way of supporting it.

any other questions?

send us a message at or join our community on Discord

join our discord

clarify your doubts, connect with other people and go training

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