Spend a weekend enhancing the libraries you use and love. We want to contribute to the development of open source software and gather people keen to help do so. Spaces are limited so register quickly!

8 & 9 October
Pre-registration open now
9am to 5pm
Breaks and time for networking included
Plaza de los Luceros, 17, Planta 5 oficina 2,
03004 Alicante

Want to be a part of the development of the React ecosystem?

  • Contribute to the React library using TypeScript or JavaScript code

  • We have made a preselection of libraries that need contributions, and curated a list of tasks that we will share at the start of the event.

  • Teams will be created to work on each library. This way, even if you have never contributed before, you will not be left out.

The prize

Yes, as well as:

  • Getting to know people who love code just like you
  • Growing your portfolio
  • Gaining experience with your contributions, if you don't have any
  • Enjoying a weekend in a relaxed environment doing what you love

...there is a prize of 1200 euros, for a group of up to three people





The overall ranking is calculated based on the average of all categories. Even once contributed, you can continue improving your result.

What is the value of the contribution made.
The ingenuity in the way the task is resolved.
Although we understand that it is very short time to create a quality contribution, it must still be considered.
Perhaps there are people who are contributing for the first time, and helping them might help you too.


Get involved! Come join us. Even if you have not contributed before, it is the perfect opportunity to do so with the help of the peers and mentors. During the jam, you can share your progress, ask for feedback, discover what others are building and, hopefully, help others too.

Register for the event by filling in the form and so we can create balanced teams.
Spaces are limited!



What profile or background should I have?

You should be a developer with knowledge of JavaScript or TypeScript. It is not necessary to know React, nor to have previously contributed to open source code.

Do I have to finish my contribution during the weekend?

It is desirable but not essential. Although only two days will be little time, you can always continue improving it after your submission, which will be great for your portfolio.

Can I make more than one contribution?

Yes, but time is limited, so this may not work in your favour.

Can I submit a contribution I have already made?

It is strongly advised to create new content for the event; using old or already finished contributions would not make a meaningful new contribution.

Can I make changes during the deliberation period?

Yes, you can continue improving it with the aim of it being accepted to the library.

Can we register as a group?

Yes, although each member must register separately. Choose a team name, and when registering, all members must fill in that name in the form in order to be teamed up.

Why will there be a prize?

Because most contributions to open source are unpaid and this is our way of supporting the cause.

Who is the owner of the contributions?

The software that is generated is open source and free. The contribution will have the name of the person who submitted it.

Still have questions?

Send an email at osj@interacso.com


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